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Training Centre of Excellence

WOM ME & MTC proudly announces the launch of the Industry Standard Training Centre of Excellence, offering Integrated Training & Development Services to all WOM/ MTC regional & global clients. The center also caters to the training and development needs of their regional and international staffs.

Services are offered in varying formats from basic to advanced levels. From a fully developed WOM/MTC training curriculum in the operation and maintenance of the full range of WOM/MTC manufactured products to Surface Well Testing and Managed Pressure Drilling. As well as providing client usage of the facility partially or completely to train and develop their own personnel, using their own instructors and course curriculums or any variation that suits client needs.

The facility is also available on demand for our local and international clients offering services like conferencing, management meetings etc., with dedicated support from the Training Centre Management and Staff including organizing Hotels, Transportation, Catering as per requirements.

Shortly following the grand opening, the first introductory training session was conducted in the training center. The class focused on WOM BOPs and was directed by Marc Marcantel and Mahesh Puranik. WOM ME & MTC engineering/production staff, some customer representatives, and Mr. Puranik & Ms. Revati Puranik were amongst the participants.

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