The Compact Cutting Device

WOM has recently added the Patented Compact Cutting Device (CCD) to their growing list of products. The CCD is an apparatus that allows operators to achieve the same results as a BOP without the bulkiness and attention needed for that. It is used in offshore and/or high-pressure applications where cutting of the well string is required without leaving a snag. The CCD is composed of equipment with opposing horizontal hydraulically actuated gate valves made to shear and seal below coiled tubing, drill pipe, and wire line of a given specification in the wellbore. It can be easily transported and installed using cheaper methods, reducing overall time and costs for subsea projects. Tested at WOM Headquarters in Houston, Texas, the CCD has successfully cut 2.5″ solid bars, and 5″ OD with 3/8″ wall thickness pipes with a yield strength up to 132 Ksi.

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