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WOM NextGen Program & Service Leadership Training

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WOM’s Service Leadership Training and WOM Next Gen Program took place on 7th February 2020 at The Energy Institute High School(EIHS) to develop our team’s skills to become better leaders, achieve our mission and goals as individuals and as a company and to connect with communities and cultures.

It was a fun and rewarding learning journey as we worked together, and honed our people skills, relationship building skills, and learned how to be positive, effective, and authentic leaders.

The Energy Institute High School is an HISD Magnet High School specialized in project based learning in the energy field. WOM Service Leadership participants had an opportunity to work with a group of senior and mentor students from Energy Institute High School on their projects to provide professional feedback on presentation; to serve as a subject matter expert or content specialist; to provide basic college/career mentorship and to advise students on potential resources to support their concepts. It also served as a platform for our leadership teams to share their experiences and career trajectory which can help students understand potential job opportunities.

The enthusiasm and positive spirit of the participants was overwhelming which made the time together both productive and fun. The students of Energy Institute High School also enjoyed their time with our leaders, and appreciated the efforts they all took to see their projects and be a mentor.

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