New Cutting Edge Super Power(SP)-Tandem Boosters

Super Power (SP) – Tandem Booster*

Staying true to our philosophy of providing new inventions , unique designs, and extraordinary craftsmanship,WOM has once again set a new benchmark with the launch of the new,patent pending, Super Power(SP)-Tandem Boosters .

The SP- Tandem Boosters are unlike any others in the industry as they are designed to enhance the shearing force of any size ram- type  BOP and offer greater benefits than that of traditional  shear boosters.

The skillfully crafted and robust design requires only three main components to function: Housing, Piston and End Plate; resulting in a quick assembly and disassembly with minimal maintenance. Consequently eliminating the need for spacers,connectors,, and other parts used in traditional  tandem boosters.Each part was devised in-house to meet or surpass national petroleum codes and standards.

Succesfully Sheared Drill Pipes
with SP-Tandem Shear Booster

The following is a list of some of the many features & benefits of SP Tandem Boosters:

  • May be utilized on any size of ram-type BOP such as, but not limited to, 7-1/16”, 11”, 13-5/8”, 18 ¾” and 21 ¼”.
  • Offers ability to shear larger and heavier sizes of drill pipe required for deep drilling, where extra heavy wall thickness is required for hydrocarbon producing wells or extreme sour environments.
  • Provide rigid power of approximately one million pound force, capable of shearing drill pipe at any extreme well condition and harsh environment. Hence, providing twice the shearing force than that of traditional tandem boosters.
  • The SP-Tandem Boosters use the same seals as the large bore piston and shaft seals,therefore aiding in,quick and easy field replacement of seals.
  • SP-Tandem Boosters use of internal hydraulic flow paths for  hydraulic operations eliminates external piping exposure to damage during handling, storage, and shipping.
  • Existing WU BOPs and other OEM BOPs may be retrofitted with SP-Tandem boosters to provide extra shearing for However, external hydraulic lines may be required for retrofit applications.
  • May be utilized in smaller size ram-type BOPs, offering a significant reduction in size, weight, and overall cost.

WOM successfully completed shear tests on 13 5/8” 10,000-psi blowout preventer utilizing SP-Tandem Shear Booster for the following drill pipes, under WOM’s certified quality assurance personnel as per API-16A guidelines.

  • Drill Pipe OD 5”, Grade S-135, PPF 6, closing pressure 2300-psi
  • Drill Pipe OD 5 ½”, Grade S-135, PPF 7, closing pressure 2200-psi
  • Drill Pipe OD 6 5/8”, Grade S-135, PPF 2, closing pressure 1500-psi
  • Drill Pipe OD 6 5/8”, Grade S-135, PPF 6, closing pressure 2400-psi

    (These characterization data are available upon request)

Above test criteria and governing rules meet the requirements of hydraulic closing pressure for drill pipe shear as per API-53 which is 90% below the rated hydraulic maximum pressure.

We are very proud of this accomplishment and we congratulate the BOP Engineering and Assembly teams in achieving this milestone.

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