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Manifold Bound for COSCO Shipyard in China

This massive choke & kill manifold stands nearly to the roof in WOMSEA’s assembly area.

A large manifold for a large application – one of the largest drilling ships ever built.

COSCO’s Dalian Developer Drilling ship will have the very best equipment, which includes this choke & kill manifold built by WOMSEA. It is WOMSEA’s first such manifold and its tallest built to date.

Building the Manifold-Cosco Time lapse Video

Estimated height: An astonishing 265 inches (23 ft.)
Estimated weight: Manifold at 71,500 lbs. and skid at 28,500 lbs.
Total approximate weight: 100,000 lbs.
Manufacture time: 65 days (1560 man hours)
Shipment prep: 10-15 days (315 man hours)
Safety: The amazing feat of building this manifold without incident is a cause for celebration.

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