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Magnum Forge expands capacity with new rail manipulator constructed in-house

The productivity of an open and closed die forging operation is not only dictated by the capacity of the forging hammer itself, but also by the capabilities of the manipulators used to handle, adjust and move the forgings as they are being worked.

Recently, Magnum Forge installed a rail manipulator to boost the capabilities of its 16-ton forging hammer, greatly contributing to the safety, product quality and overall productivity of all forging cycles. Most impressively, the new manipulator was designed and manufactured internally by Magnum Forge in only 40 days from drawings to trial run. Built using pumps, motors and rails from scrapped machinery, the rail manipulator did not require any new major parts to be purchased and was designed to the exact specifications of the forging hammer it was to be used with, providing a sustainable and customized solution for Magnum Forge.

The manipulator has 4 axes of control allowing for the precise movement and positioning of forgings. This process was previously done with manual assistance, assistance which is no longer needed thanks to the rail manipulator, greatly contributing to a safer work environment at the forging shop in Pune.

Additionally, in response to an increased production load, Magnum Forge purchased 3 new forklifts from Germany. The 7 ton, 8 ton and 12 ton forklifts will be used in all aspects of forging production, from loading and stocking materials to lifting and unloading cut blanks and ingots into furnaces. The 12 ton forklift has a larger capacity than any lifts previously used by Magnum Forge and will allow for much safer and effective movement of the heavy dies and forgings which are seeing increased demand.

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12 Ton Forklift

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