Innovation put to the test

4-1/16” 10 K Drilling Choke Manifolds

5 yeas of Maintenance Free Operations

In our ever changing and highly demanding industry, drilling companies need products to not only be innovative but also surpass quality. WOM understands that product repairs and maintenance are necessary but maximizing the efficiency and longevity of the products are important to reduce both time and costs. Our client recommendation letter from Abraj Energy Services, Oman signifies just that and our continued innovation being put to test and succeeding.

Abraj Energy Services, Oman purchased 4-1/16’ 10K Drilling Choke Manifolds in two separate projects in 2014 and 2015 that were used by Abraj on their Land Rigs for their operations in the BP Khazzan Tight gas Field and PDO(Petroleum Development Oman) which is the National Oil and gas Company of Oman respectively. After 5 years in service for each; the WOM recertification of these manifolds and the minimal cost of spare parts wasn’t even 10% of equipment value supplied by WOM is yet another example of our innovation made efficient and cost effective for years to come.

Incidentally due to our excellent product and services our client Abraj Energy Services, Oman is now executing three additional contracts. Let us save you on downtime and costs by purchasing WOM products and don’t settle for less.

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