Hyper Torque 16 for High Pressure Valves

The normal operating torque required to open and close high-pressure valves is tremendously high and an even tougher task in extreme weather conditions or on large size valves.

As a solution, many manufacturers have come up with a Ball Screw operated valve for lower operating torque. However, these valves are equipped with a Lower Balance Stem mechanism, posing a potential leak path and increasing the total weight of the valve, making it difficult to accommodate at certain space requirements.

In response to the disadvantages found in the Ball Screw operated valves, WOM has engineered a torque reducer that eliminates the use of a Balance Stem- The Hyper Torque 16.

This innovative and unique design features a Gear-Plunger mechanism in place of the Lower Balance Stem mechanism.

Utilizing the Gear and Plunger Mechanism greatly reduces the operating torque so that the valve can be opened and closed with ease, eliminates the potential leak path encountered with the use of a Lower Balance Stem, and increases flexibility of operation in any angle or position.

The Gear-Plunger Mechanism has a provision for “locking & unlocking” which has been tested and proven to hold pressure in absence of the lower balance stem while in the lock position.

The Hyper Torque 16 offers distinct benefits to the user, including:

  • Cost effective compared to other torque reducers in the market
  • Significant reduction in operating torque needed to open and close a manual valve, allowing for a single person to operate the valve with ease
  • Offers a comfortable working height
  • Eliminates the potential leak path encountered with the Balance Stem Mechanism
  • Ability to safely replace the stem packing while in full open position
  • Quicker and safer valve operation

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