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Energy Project Students Honored at Lotus Innovation Awards Gala

WOM leadership was among the attendees at this event hosted by the Puranik Foundation. In addition to showcasing current programs, special mention was given to the Energy Project students’ hard work toward a more sustainable future.

Energy Project Group KAROT Voted Best Prototype!

Congratulations to Karot! Their group, consisting of EIHS students Alexander Hernandez, Otto Mallinson, and Brendan Kaiser, was voted the best prototype for the 2022 Energy Project and awarded a fifteen thousand dollar grant to continue work on their prototype.

Karot uses your fish-best friends to help grow produce and decorative flora using an affordable, water-sustainable, and beautiful home aquaponics system. Their product is a PVC-based aquaponics system that attaches to your home aquarium, recycling the waste from your fish to fertilize the plants, letting both your fish and plants grow healthier, faster, and tastier.

Congrats to all the Energy Project groups for their hard work!

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