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Cumbre del Petróleo y Gas conference 2019

The II Cumbre de Petróleo y Gas Conference was a great event for WOM, which had the opportunity to exhibit its new line of Wellheads and BOP products. The summit allowed WOM to better understand the future demands from Colombian’s market, creating possibilities of investment in the region, in alignment with the new company’s strategy for 2020.

The Cumbre de Petróleo y Gas Conference is considered the most important event in the oil and gas industry in Colombia. In its second edition, the trade show brings together the major names of the regional industry and allows the creation of commercial ties with large producers such as Brazil, Bolivia, and Venezuela. The continuing economic growth in Colombia offers great opportunities for investments to drilling and exploration companies focusing on onshore activities and natural gas resources. The energy summit will discuss the development of products and services that support the sustainable production activities of hydrocarbon in non-conventional deposits, a recent discovery in the country.

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