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Congratulations WOM Service Team!

All hats off to the WOM Houston Service team who received special recognition from Maersk for their contribution towards completing the re-certification of the Maersk Rig- The Deliverer. In a widely publicized press-release, according to Maersk, the yard stay had over 210 job packages and 584 work orders to complete within 35 days, which our team played an essential part to help meet.

Monica Vickous administered the commercial side, processing billing and invoicing in a timely manner. Last but not least, Aaron Bishop, sales manager for Maersk, worked closely with Maersk to keep the project running smoothly.

As stated on an email from Derek Dargie, Maersk’s Senior Well Control Equip. Superintendent,

“thanks to all the team involved on the Deliverer project for all their effort in completing the manifolds on the rig. Working in a challenging environment, with so many other tasks going on in close proximity the guys worked in a safe and efficient manner. The guys interacted well with other project 3rd party and the core rig crew, and participated well in the rig safety card system. I have enjoyed working with the team over the last 2 shipyards, and look forward to working with you guys again in the future.”

Appreciative of the team’s hard work, Maersk has named WOM as the 20K valve supplier for the new 20K Drillship Project.

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