Magna Casting and Machine Works

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Magna Casting and Machine Works is a state-of-the-art melting facility located in Pune, India, producing highest quality Castings in Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steel that meet and exceed the most stringent customer requirements and industry standards.

Magna Casting is equipped with most advanced technology which includes Induction Furnaces, AOD Unit, Chemical Bonded Sand System, Sand Reclamation, Band Saw, Lathe machines and many more. The company is also armed with a full-fledged Laboratory and Testing Facility.

Cast Products:

  • Ball Valve Bodies 
  • End Connections
  • Seats
  • Blow Out Preventers
  • Bonnet Housing Std and LBS
  • Locking Screw Housing
  • Choke Bodies
  • Pump Saver Bodies
  • Bleed Choke Bodies
  • Actuator Housing
  • Annular BOP Cage
  • Inlet and Outlet Tees
  • Inner and Outer Sleeves(Annular BOP)
  • Cross Over Flange
  • Globe Valve Bonnet
  • APT Yoke Casting
  • Ingots-Pencil Square, Round and Fluted
  • H.T. Trays
  • F/C Doors
  • Trolley and Guide Plates
  • Integrated Shaped Tooling Fixtures
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