Custom Designs

Customer requirements for controlling unique pressure situations may not always be successfully achieved by off-the-shelf components. To address these potential situations, WOM provides custom designed systems for onshore, offshore and subsea applications. All of WOM’s custom designed production equipment utilizes Magnum Gate Valve  technology wherever possible to provide the highest level of reliability in every package. WOM’s custom designed packages are made to meet and surpass the guidelines of both the client and industry regulatory agencies. All custom packages are manufactured using the API and ISO approved facilities and methods with which WOM’s standard products are manufactured.

The basic building block of these systems is the Magnum Gate Valve. The versatility, adaptability and reliability of this valve design ensures ease of incorporation with other components to provide greater safety, longer service life and minimized maintenance.

Manifolds on Rigs

High Pressure Choke and Kill Manifold installed on the Discover Spirit

WOM designs, manufactures, and supplies high pressure choke and kill manifolds, standpipe manifolds, cement manifolds, well test manifolds, and custom application manifolds.

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