Covid-19 Response

We are in the middle of a global challenge, the COVID-19 pandemic, that is creating disruption across the world. Beating this pandemic is our collective responsibility, and we will come over this challenge. Our top priority has been to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees globally where we operate, while continuing to support our valued customers. We follow guidance from WHO and CDC to keep our employees safe while we ensure that our commitment to our customers stays unaffected.

Onsite Health and Safety Measures

Not all employees can work remotely but for those who remain on-site, we have made changes in workplace processes and design to provide the social distancing they need to stay safe. Discrete measures are introduced to reduce interactions between people and keep physical distance between them on-site. We provide and make sure the entire work force use face masks, hand sanitizers, hand gloves etc. as per health authority guidelines.

  • Implement a restricted visitor policy. Allow only authorized employees/visitors into the office/facility during this period.
  • Greet without physical contact. We encourage our employees to avoid handshakes and hugs while greeting and interacting with colleagues and visitors.
  • Increase awareness around the six-foot rule. We encourage our employees to maintain six feet or two meters (two- to three-arm’s length) from other employees to maintain the concept of break the chain.
  • Flexible work hours or rotational shifts. We follow flexible work hours or reduced work hours so that fewer employees are on location at any given time without affecting productivity.
  • Adopt a Virtual Policy. We adopt a one-click client/customer meeting scheduling capability at their convenience. All internal meetings/client meetings are done virtually online so that social distancing is maintained.

We’ll continue sharing and updating information here as we navigate these changes. It’s all in dedication to keeping our employees and everyone around us healthy. We’re all in this together!

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