Case Study: Subsea Well Decommissioning with Deepwater Riser System (DRS)


WOM’s Deepwater Riser System (DRS) contracted to Major Service Provider working on ultra-deepwater (UDW) dual activity 6th gen drillship for well decommissioning of a subsea field.

Field :West Africa Subsea Field
Location :Offshore Mauritania
Well Type :Oil, Gas & Water Injection
Tree Type :Vertical
Vessel :UDW Dual Activity Drillship
Water Depth :800 Meters
Project Status :In Progress

Operations Performed with DRS Landed on X-Mas Tree:

  • Perform Wireline Drift Run
  • Perform Tubing Cut (Above Packer)
  • Perform Tubing Cut
  • Perform Tubing Hanger Cut


  • Simultaneous Operations of Pulling DRS above BOP to run and latch BOP
  • Remote Location for Operational Support


  • Efficient Plug & Abandonment with Deepwater Riser System on Drilling Rig
  • Operational support to keep project on schedule

All information contained in this document is confidential and proprietary to Worldwide Oilfield Machine Inc. No information may be divulged in whole or part to any company or persons without written permission from Worldwide Oilfield Machine Inc.

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