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WOM’s Top Innovations

Empowered by the art of Innovation, the WOM Group of Companies have been constantly on the lookout for smarter solutions by leveraging the advances in …

SPII Compact Wellhead Animation

Introducing the Worldwide Oilfield Machine SP-II compact wellhead to the Western Hemisphere Shale Market. Since its inception into the Southeast Asian offshore market in September …

Case Study: Subsea Well Decommissioning with Deepwater Riser System (DRS)

WOM’s Deepwater Riser System (DRS) contracted to Major Service Provider working on ultra-deepwater (UDW) dual activity 6th gen drillship for well decommissioning of a subsea …

WOM Achieved a Successful System Wet Test off the coast of Las Palmas

By Udaya Bhaskar DEEPWATER RISER SYSTEM Subsea Engineering Manager. Worldwide Oilfield Machine inc’s patented Deepwater Riser System (DRS) serial #1 successfully completed Wet test on …

The Myth of the Better Mousetrap

The famous aphorism, attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson over 100 years ago, said that if you build a better mousetrap the world would beat a …

WOM Engg Team
Reaching for Higher Standards

By Anand Kalimuthu, Engineering Manager, WOM USA After the massive accident with BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig at the Macondo Well, there has been a push …

BOP Ring
Too Big to Forge

By Ninad Oak, Senior Manufacturing Manager Magnum Forge & Machine Works The ring of an 11” 10,000 psi annular BOP is a massive piece of …

WOM India Installs Manifold on Aban Rig

Story by Kabir Lulla Bus. Dev. Manager Access Oilfield Solutions “From my personal experience prior to joining the oilfield industry, I had absolutely no idea …

Capping Stack
WOM Ships Its First Capping Stack

WOM has built and shipped its first capping stack in a historic achievement for our company and our customer, Helix Energy Solutions Group. Wellcap 1 …

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